by Trost House

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Debut Album by Trost House


released December 12, 2015

Sebastian Estrada: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Keyboards
Jag Raspopovich: Guitar and Bass
Derek Williams: Drums and Percussion

Produced by Sebastian Estrada, Trost House
Engineered by: Sebastian Estrada
Additional Engineering by: Tony Chops and Ross Ingram
Recorded at The Yandell House in El Paso, Tx
Additional Recordings done at Brainville in El Paso, Tx
Mixed and Mastered by Ross Ingram at Brainville in El Paso, Tx



all rights reserved


Trost House El Paso, Texas

Trost House is based out of Sunset Heights, El Paso, Tx. with a West-Texas blend of swirling cleans and howling fuzzes.

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Track Name: Fast & Typical
getting famous, fast and typical
gonna get the guns because
just because is excuse enough
they talk through the radio waves

god made amoebas, malaria, and america
gonna get the guns because
in my head jesus won’t shut up
he talks through the radio waves
Track Name: Hachi Hachi
ear worms crawl into your head
my words are slurred but your heart hears them just the same
they tell you of birds kissing flowers and bees tending eggs
making a nest with both of their names

i’ll tell you a joke
sweeter than honey
when i get to the punchline
oh darling,
we’ll be fooling around

i lead you down the abby’s alley
to make a sacrificial mound
we cut the lamb and drank her blood
only i had my fill

i’ll tell you a joke
sweeter than honey
when i get to the punchline
oh darling,
i’ll make a fool out of you

you are the only ghost in my life

i’ll tell you a joke
sweeter than honey
when i got to the punchline
oh darling,
I was fooled by you
Track Name: Single (Good Thing We Hate People)
the story goes oh, it always starts off
with a friendly kiss
i could have sworn i found truth
in the sway of your hips

maybe I should learn to hold a grudge
just another worry line my eyebrows above
my nose still burns where songs were learned
my mouth shouts good thing we hate

people ask me about you everyday
I say she left me with kiss
a gift where i can still taste
the last one she was with

that would have felt good but its a lie
i turn around and say I’m fine
lungs give me enough air to
repeat: its better off this way

as if thats what I wanted to see
as if thats how i needed to know
as if i could ask you to leave
where i wanted to be alone
looking at you in the dark
silhouettes move with the stars
the pull, the groan, your eyes met mine
the moon shone on his smile
Track Name: Salted Caramel
unbridled tongue kissing my gun
scarlet looks best when it sits on your chest
blowing off smoke note after note
burning my flesh with your list of regrets

closer to death with every step
trying to win but i know i am losing
my mind line after line
numbing the pain from the bruises left

a tear in the fabric starts at the seams
but quickly unravels down your knees
pressed against, hips with no spaces in between

twisted front tooth bruises when pressed
upon the tender threads of my neck
lips like salted caramel changed their taste on my tongue
when you washed my feathers in the mud
Track Name: Azuki Suki
here was a time when i stood tall
taller than any tree
stiff were my branches
I towered phlegmatically
when strong winds blew by
my roots would not buckle
my leaves stayed unruffled
i kept myself motionless

there was a time when i knew my name
i would say it loud say it proud
the uttered breath remained admired
my voice proclaimed personage
rows and rows of souls applaud
their cheers ran wild and tense
in my viens anandamide
push though my cells walls

there was a time when a ghost passed by
she told me of a place near
where i could grow old, a pace to find my bride
so i left my cities and town to walk a path with no road laid out

guided only by a spirit’s tale
Track Name: So Unreliable
all of my work has been deceit
other’s words slightly change so the credit i could keep
teach me to use verse as a snake can
i ask you for this on my knees

no amount of polish or glitter will do
for you can only guild what is crude
it will take more than a surgeon
to straighten out your view

i promised you jewels would cover your skies
that your song would be loved in time
but when you looked at the serpent
there were no diamonds in my eyes

snakes speak in tongue to hide their treachery
spitting venom showed your villainy
when you harvest your garden
your fruits will bare no seed

I had you laced down to your shoes
ten strings telling you exactly what to do
my hands guided you on
every step you took

your voice was heard but your words mistook
i made you sign this contract in blood
through your eyes my incursion
buried your soul in mud
Track Name: Eisley
i don’t ever want to sleep again
for last night i saw the end
your grey hair
making rivers of silver down your face

your porcelain skin
paler than it had began with
our hands clasped
it felt like you were still holding mine back

with every passing breath you fade
until my pulse ran through your veins
Track Name: Silver Spoon
it always feels like I’m stocking shelves
but never of what going to sell
too much noise so you can’t choose
eating radio tunes with a silver spoon

you’re always looking for a hook
or a pretty face in the group
you haven’t read a book if you’ve just read a line
but you’ll listen to music one single at a time

we just want to shock your shells
even though your ears are frail
its not just to get loud at you
this fuzz will make you groove your shoes

we could have filled this song with filth
or lyrics that trap you in your guilt
bring up memories of them
just to make you feel our pain

we want nothing handed to us
but darling thats a lie
‘cause it would really help this one time
Track Name: Cartographer
I trace
on your back

and kiss
every star
on that map

that leads me
down your thighs
where i want to rest inside